Welcome to our web page for our family, friends and dogs. It’s just an account of what we’re doing.
Most of this information is gained through our experiences and not to be used for training purposes because after all a bowline is still a knot and a sheet is still something to keep you warm on a cold night! The dream is to be setting a sextant under a Pacific night sky… approaching the north shore of Oahu. This may take a few years of pain and heartache and sheer terror but so far few complaints and loads of fun and exhilaration and sense of accomplishment and so many true friends of like mind passing by – hopefully to meet again on some distant shore (or bar).
It was the last year of the 20th century that after years of the normal pressures of life we finally realised our long time dream of freedom afloat. We found ourselves in Falmouth boarding Sundowner with just a couple of bags each, a dog and one of our sons. Unfortunately being weather bound before our trip to our new home port of Weymouth we found ourselves in the charming town of Falmouth existing on extra cold Guinness and pasties alone! Sadly Al had to return by train for work before we set sail.
And so in the winter of ’99 our first true sailing lessons began……….

The early years ..

and dreaming of Hawaii

Leaving for good

Guernsey to Portugal

Left instead of right

Portugal to Italy

Talking Italian

Aeolian Islands and Sicily

Building and Birthdays

Aberdeen and Gaeta

Island hopping

Gaeta to Malta

Heading East

Malta to Turkey

Up and down canals

Canal du Midi to Plymouth

Summer sun

Bodrum, Fetihye and Rhodes

Discovering the Dodecanese

Greenhouses, Greece and Turkey

Way back West

Turkey to Corfu

Farewell to Brambles

Digital Art